6.8.10So, Lord, what are You trying to tell us through sending water in such creative ways these days? When we visited Israel we would hear them pray, “God, don’t listen to the prayers of the tourists – send rain!” but I’m not sure what the Turkish equivalent of that request is. We have never seen water pour down city streets as it did here in Istanbul the past two days.

As for last Saturday, we did recognize the hidden blessing in the events that occurred on our departure day: the water flooding our basement prompted a hasty decision (years overdue) that our nearly century-old home needs a sump pump. Our valiant youngest son is holding two jobs plus the paws of the pets while we’re away; he does not need to spend his free time bailing buckets in the basement. And the ominous moisture spreading beneath our kitchen frig spurred an even hastier decision about a replacement appliance to be installed the same day. (Thank you, Lord, for Dr. Allen, our kitchen cardiologist, who had the foresight to find the perfect used frig on Craig’s List before he came to our rescue Saturday morning.)

God’s timing, as they say, is never wrong. He certainly wasn’t early (ok, so did these things have to happen the exact same day we were leaving, she whines?), but He wasn’t late either: Jordan would have had to deal with the mess on both floors alone after our departure. Best of all, Jordan’s mother and Michael’s wife is notoriously indecisive about major spending decisions, but not when she is flinging clothes into a suitcase to leave for the airport.

As for the major rains in Turkey the past few days, so what if we had to cancel our plans yesterday for a ferry ride  from the Golden Horn up the Bosphorus  River, plus our  anticipated trek up the Galata Tower for a panoramic view of Istanbul, now invisible in the pouring rain? Would we have laughed nearly as hard as we did while slogging through the rivers pouring down the cobblestone streets of the Old District ? Would we have enjoyed finding a tiny dry nook to eat baklava high above the bustle of the centuries-old Spice Market?6.8.10

I’ve never been good at singing in the rain – Gene Kelly, no need to move aside – but dancing a little dervish when it’s pouring is actually kind of fun.