So what do these three have In common? They all co-exist, sometimes side-by-side, on Rhodes, a small island in the Aegean Sea just off the SW coast of Turkey.

We just spent three perfect days exploring Rhodes on our own before we join our “Gordon and Friends” tour group on the mainland later today. We lived on our own island of sorts – Cape Cod – for 13 years while raising our children, and there aren’t many places on earth as beautiful as the Cape. But Rhodes comes close.

It also boasts a rocky terrain that amazed us: the west coast of Rhodes is extremely mountainous, and you can look up at a 15th century Crusader castle while wending your way down to a pristine beach with water the color of Windex. Unlike the Cape, the beaches on Rhodes are all public – no one can “own” them – and parking is free.

Monasteries also dot the Greek landscape nearly as frequently as olive groves and vineyards. We stopped at several chapels, and in their quiet, cool interior gave thanks to God along with our prayers for His people.

Here are a few images (thanks, Mary!) of our three perfect days in Rhodes.