Last weekend in Colorado

What’s the nicest thing you’ve heard your spouse say about you?

No, this is not a rhetorical question: I really want to hear from those of you reading this post. And here’s why: I have several conferences coming up this fall, and when I speak on the power of encouragement, I’d love to include input from you. We all understand the importance of gracious, affirming speech when it comes to our coworkers and neighbors, but how about at home? Do we persistently practice the power of affirmation with the one we’ve committed our lives to?

True story. Today at work I was introduced to one of our new authors, a pastor from Texas, and the marketing manager who made the introduction commented that I had just returned from a pastoral sabbatical with my husband. “So what was the best thing you saw in Greece?” he asked.

Hmm…tough question. I thought a minute. Was it the view of the Parthenon from our hotel rooftop in Athens, or maybe the stream in ancient Philippi where the Apostle Paul baptized Lydia? As I hesitated, I suddenly remembered what I overhead my husband say to someone just last week.

“The best thing I saw on sabbatical,” Mike responded, “was my wife’s face.  24/7.”

Oh man…why didn’t I think of that? Mike’s comment melted my heart, because I feel exactly the same way.  No, not about my face, of course: his! What could be better than to study and travel with my best friend of 35 years? But hearing Mike verbalize this sentiment to someone else was a powerful reminder of how much we need to affirm those we love in the presence of others.

So…OUT with it! I need your comments. What is the nicest, kindest, or most affirming thing you have heard your spouse say about you? (If you truly cannot think of a bloomin’ thing, I encourage you to give your spouse this post!)

And even as I ask that question, know that my heart is tender towards those of you who have lost a spouse due to death or divorce. But if you don’t mind me asking, what did you overhear back in the day that made you glow?

Do tell – I truly want to know!