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Enjoying the fall - leaves and life!

The Facebook message that came today from Terry made my day. “I am in my third trimester too,” she wrote, “and I am excited!”

Terry is a woman about my age whom I met at Monadnock Bible Conference in NH this past weekend. I was the speaker for a regional women’s retreat, and after the retreat coordinator introduced me to the group on Friday evening, I answered a few questions women are generally curious about but are always too polite to ask:


     5’5” (I used to be 5’6 and I think the inch I lost relocated around my middle).

     100 and too-much (You don’t think I’m putting that on a blogsite, do you?)

And then I shared with them the most exciting news of all: I’m in my third trimester.

I’m not being disingenuous here.  I know people typically use that term in reference to a woman’s pregnancy. Having carried three children to term, I was always relieved when I reached the final trimester.  It meant that I was two-thirds of the way through the pregnancy, and the baby’s birth was now just a few months away.

But here’s the deal: the excitement of the third trimester is one that everyone can share, not just pregnant mamas. With the average life expectancy now hovering at about 85, someone in their late 50s is at least two-thirds of the way there. The birth of life eternal is closer than ever. I’m in my own personal third trimester!

A quick Google search confirms my point. The final third of a pregnancy and the last third of life here on earth have a lot in common:

Third Trimester

The third trimester begins at the 28th week of pregnancy and lasts until birth. This is usually a time of growing excitement and anticipation of the baby’s

All About the Third Trimester | Pregnancy Information, Pregnancy

You enter the third trimester filled with energy, but as your body continues to grow and change, you may start to feel tired and experience new aches and

Third Trimester Pregnancy | 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy | BabyZone

The third trimester of pregnancy means you’re almost there!

One of the most significant things Mike and I brought back from our summer sabbatical was not a bag of souvenirs or an album of photos. It doesn’t have a shape or a sound or an easily identifiable symbol. It’s not even an experience we can describe or the memory of a location we’d like to revisit.

Instead it’s something that sounds boring and bland but is anything but. It’s perspective.

We are in our third trimester of life, and that’s exciting.  Life is a marathon. None of us knows how  many more laps we’ll have before we reach the finish line. But when you round the bend into your late 50s, you realize you are free from all the muddling around that characterizes midlife.  You look up suddenly and there it is; the finish line is practically within sight.

And you know what? I have no intention of cruising to a close.