Congratulations to last week’s giveaway winner: Charlene Dennen of Cotuit, MA!

Ever wondered how these covers are produced? I watched the photo shoot.

Now that fall has officially arrived, it’s a great time to curl up on that rare evening home with a good novel. This week I am giving away a historical novel that just released this month: Whisper on the Wind by award-winning author Maureen Lang. Maureen is a favorite writer of mine. Her intensive research gives her historical novels depth that transcends the genre.

Set in Belgium in 1916-17, Whisper on the Wind follows the story of Isabelle Lassone, a Belgian-American socialite whose parents whisked her to safety at the start of the war. Yet at great personal risk, Isa sneaks back into the country to rescue those dearest to her: Edward and his mother. But Edward refuses to go, and soon Isa is drawn into his secret life working on the newspaper – and into his heart.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Maureen on several of her previous novels. When I asked her what inspired her to write Whisper on the Wind, she enthusiastically told me about the real-life origins of the Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique, which began as an underground news sheet published during the German occupation of Belgium in the First World War.

Author Maureen Lang

  “The Germans ordered every legitimate Belgian newspaper to submit to censorship—and so sprang up the secret press La Libre Belgique,” Maureen told me.  “It was one of the few voices of opposition to the propaganda the Germans circulated. Their goal was to bring hope to a suppressed nation, and in so doing many people lost everything from their freedom to their fortunes, and some even their lives. With so much material, it was easy to create a romantic tale of adventure and intrigue!”

If you’d like to win a copy of Whisper on the Wind, just leave a comment after this post. The winning post # will be chosen on Thursday, September 30.