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Congratulations to last week’s winner of A Pastor Prays for His People:

 Theresa Cann of New Hampshire!

Just released last month: LOL with God

Living life at blender-speed as many of us do, it’s hard to find time to feed our souls. That’s what’s so welcome and relevant about Pam Farrel and Dawn Wilson’s new book LOL with GOD. It’s a collection of spiritually based devotions that direct women caught in the pace of life back to God’s Word.

I love the practical format. Each devo provides a page of encouragement for the day along with a prayer you can “text” up to God, text helps, and space to write your own message back to God about your life, what you read, or a request on your heart.

Some of my favorite devos are “IM Illiterate”, “Lemon Vision,” and “Conquering the Control Freak.” And as someone for whom tears seem to come more readily than laughter, I really appreciate the humor throughout the book. Life doesn’t always have to be heavy.

I have reluctantly embraced texting just this past year in order to communicate with my grown kids who live thousands of miles away. But you don’t have to be a “texter” in order to appreciate this devotional resource.

Co-authors Dawn & Pam LOL'ing with a friend

We are avowed texters,” admit Pam and Dawn. “We send text messages to our husbands whenever we’re on ministry trips in the U.S. and around the world. We appreciate the ‘instant’ quality of text messaging; it’s one way we keep in touch with those we love. Text-messaging with God – receiving His communications to us through His Word and sending our messages to Him in prayer – is more challenging. It involves more time, thought, and study.” 

If you need a little more joy and a heap more hope in your day, leave a comment after this post. You just might be the winner of LOL with God!