Tonight, for the 18th consecutive year, I have the privilege of traveling to a Christmas outreach event to  dramatize  the life of Mary, mother of Jesus.  I’m taking a late lunch hour to type this blogpost with one hand while holding my sandwich in another. Do you suppose Mary ever multi-tasked? I suspect she did.

I have work emails stacked up in my inbox like airplanes waiting to land, boxes of Christmas decorations strewn throughout my home, and lists of gifts left to purchase for beloved family members, friends, and ministry colleagues. So why take time this Tuesday to fling a post into the blogosphere?

It’s because I hope someone reading this post right now will pause to ask God to bring eternal fruit from this Christmas Tea tonight.  I need your intercession; I really do. I learned long ago that I cannot even attempt this ministry without it. Prayer support has delivered us safely to several hundred such presentations since Mary and I began traveling together in ’93, and not one has ever been missed despite cancelled flights, illness, or extreme winter weather.

More importantly, prayer has made possible the experience I had recently in New Hampshire, when a lovely woman named Terry approached me at a conference. With tears in her eyes, Terry told me that she and her sister-in-law had seen the presentation many years ago in Massachusetts, and the message of salvation in Christ through the lips of His mother is what brought them into the Kingdom.  I cannot even describe to you the joy that flooded my soul when I heard that.

I have been completely inadequate to portray Mary right from the get-go. Nearly 20 years ago, I told the Lord that as a 40-year-old Norwegian-American I was not only too old but also the wrong ethnicity to portray a Jewish teenage virgin. But he reminded me that doing His work has never been about qualifications, credentials, or experience.

And now the big 60 is just around the corner, and I am still portraying the teenaged Mary. God performs miracles, but  He has not chosen to roll back my age. A few months ago, though, He revealed something about my ethnic heritage that absolutely stunned me. Maybe I’ll blog about that sometime. Right now it is a private, awesome joy I am pondering in my heart.

Tis the season to be Mary. I have never been adequate to the task. I never will be. But God had a surprise gift of knowledge  for me in this 18th year that I never would have anticipated.

What task is He calling you to? Remember that God doesn’t always call the qualified, but He promises to qualify those whom He calls.

He did it for me, and He’ll do it for you.