If you read Tuesday’s post, you know that some stories that are too good to be true really do happen. In a haystack the size of Tacoma, Washington, my daughter found her stolen wedding rings.

 But I can’t wait till next Tuesday to share the rest of the story!  I’ll let Amber tell you in her own words:

“This past Tuesday I was at the Y again. Same time of day as when my rings were stolen last week but I had moved away from my accustomed locker location. (I kind of resent the old one now.) I was getting ready to leave when a woman in her late 60s sits down suddenly on a stool and turns to the two of us in that section.

“Have either of you seen someone hanging around here?” she asks.

Oh no, I was thinking, I know that look. Someone had stolen JoEllen’s watch and wedding rings from her locker, which hadn’t been locked, sadly. I told her I had just been through this and I fetched the supervisor, who then proceeded to tell JoEllen a story about another woman whose rings had been stolen… my story! So I jumped in and told them how I had gotten them back. I was able to tell her what I did and where I had found the rings. I left her my number and told her to be proactive.  God must have meant for me to be there at that exact time. Pretty good story, right? It gets better!

Later that evening, I get a call.

“Hi Amber, it’s JoEllen… we met earlier today at the Y.” I thought maybe she was looking for some more advice. “I just had to tell you what happened!” she said.

JoEllen had gone to her jeweler to get pictures of her lost rings, since I had advised that she enlarge pictures of her rings to show around. The jeweler told her to give the gold buyer a try that very afternoon so JoEllen and her daughter and grandson decided to go first to the shop that had purchased my rings.

They headed over and took a seat on a couch to wait for other customers to finish. A young couple sat on the other couch and when it was their turn, they approached one of the gold buyers and plunked down… JoEllen’s jewelry!

JoEllen stood up, waved her pictures of her jewelry and shouted, “That’s mine!!!!” What a moment of beautiful justice!

 The police were called and the man was arrested. He wasn’t the same guy who sold my rings. The girl, who is a minor, somehow disappeared. The guy selling the jewelry said he knew just her first name, so the police went onto the Facebook account of Jacob, the guy who sold my rings, and found her, thereby obtaining her full name and where she goes to school. They compared the pictures of her to the gold buyer’s surveillance videos, with which they were able to verify that she was present when my rings were sold.  So it looks like all three people involved so far have evidence against them. Wow. I never imagined it working out this way.  God wrote an amazing story and the truth here is as exciting as fiction!”

So sometimes that which is lost comes back to you again.

Sometimes you can comfort another just as you were once comforted.

And sometimes  an experience you’ve gone  through may not have been meant for you at all, but to make you useful in His hands.

 Is this too good to be true, or what?!