Yesterday I wrote about my young friend Jennifer Barrick, whose body and brain were battered five years ago when her family’s minivan was hit head-on by a drunk driver. Though legally blind and suffering from chronic pain and cognitive impairment due to TBI, Jen – now 20 – has an extraordinary prayer ministry and is speaking to thousands of people each year about the source of her hope.

Today I want Jen’s mom, Linda,  to share with you some of the ways in which God continues to work in the lives of the Barricks. The following incident took place when Linda and Jen were in Canada to film segments for the TV show “100 Huntley Street”:

With Joni, who write the foreword to "Miracle for Jen."

“We woke up Tuesday morning and filmed 20 ten- minute segments at the TV studio.  Joni Eareckson Tada let them use all of her TV footage which was such a blessing. The TV segments will air during their stewardship telethon, April 16-27 in Canada and in the United States to millions and millions of viewers.

“I hadn’t really stopped to think about how long of a day this would be on Jennifer. We filmed seven hours and changed outfits three times which is hard for anyone without a brain injury. Jennifer did amazing but around segment 15, her brain was completely done. She couldn’t process one more thing or even answer our questions. I was afraid we were not going to be able to finish.

“Then, something miraculous happened….

“The host asked Jennifer to pray over all the viewers. As they continued to film, Jen started praying…then unexpectedly and with great energy, she prayed the most powerful salvation prayer I had ever heard in my life. She gave the complete plan of salvation in simple, powerful words and referenced several things we had discussed during that TV segment, pulling the whole thing together masterfully.

“Tears streamed down my face because I knew it was all God. She has never led anyone in a salvation prayer during an interview. It was amazing because Jen went from being totally depleted one minute to sounding like a Bible scholar. The Lord Himself prayed those words through her.

” When Jen finished, the host of the show commented, ‘Jen, you have energy again!’  She had no trouble finishing the last few TV segments. The makeup artist had to stop and fix my makeup because I had mascara running down my face from tears 🙂

“I believe with all my heart that your prayers have made a difference in the number of salvation decisions (over 110) that have been made for Christ the past month and also the many people God has brought into our path to minister to one- on- one.  We are getting hundreds of emails from people all over the U.S. and Canada….God is speaking to people’s hearts and lives are being changed forever!

“Jennifer reminded me yesterday, ‘Mom, we have a secret weapon…it’s PRAYER!’”

Tomorrow I’ll share a couple of prayer requests from the Barricks. If you left a comment after yesterday’s post, no need to do so again, but if you’d like to win a copy of Linda’s new book Miracle for Jen, we’ll have a random drawing for a winner on Monday, April 2.