September 17-18 Compass Church Connections Café Naperville, IL
September 29 Iron Sharpens Iron National Conference Worcester, MA
October 12-14 First Baptist Women’s Fall Retreat Baraboo, WI
November 2-4 Harvest Women’s Fall Retreat Lake Geneva, WI
November 17 Parma Hts. Baptist Holiday   Luncheon Parma Hts, OH
November 29 Maranatha Chapel Evergreen Park, IL
December 1 Cross Lutheran Christmas Tea Yorkville, IL
December 2 Our Savior Lutheran Advent by   Candlelight Burlington, WI
December 5 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Evening   of Reflection Darien, IL


Daughter, I have a story for you to tell.

Yes, Lord?

It’s not your story, but I will put my words in your mouth.

Then whose story, Lord?

My servant, Mary’s.

But I don’t know anything about her.

You have the Scriptures.

But I am 40 years old, Lord. I can’t portray a teenager.

Have I ever disqualified someone from service because of age, daughter?

And I’m Scandinavian…three-quarters anyway. No one will believe me.

It’s not you they have come to believe but Me.

How exactly will this story come to me, Lord?

Listen carefully and be prepared to write down what you hear.

And then what?

You will go where I open the doors.

By myself, Lord?

No, I will be with you.

And over the course of nearly 20 years and hundreds of tellings, He is still with me. Thousands of miles safely traveled through blizzards and flight cancellations and the cultural chaos of Christmas.  Untold miracles in women’s lives that have left me weeping, incredulous, wondering.

Wondering how a soon-to-be-60 year old can still be portraying a Jewish teenaged virgin after all these years.


Yes, Lord.

The window of time is closing for your telling of this story. Use up all that I have given you. And by the way, all those years that you wished you were Jewish?

Yes, Lord?

You always were, all along.