I sat in a Salt Cave on Sunday.

No, not the kind that is springing up in day spas around the country. I hadn’t even heard of them until a discount offer for “Salt Cave sessions” popped up in my inbox from a popular group purchasing site. I have to admit the pitch sounded tempting.

“Ageless (name changed) Day Spa & Salt Cave ensconces patrons in a nourishing anti-aging haven replete with sustentative body regimens and beautifying spa treatments.”

It’s hard to make a case for pro-aging, but what in tarnation is a “sustentative” body regimen?

“Surrounded by the dim light and soft sea sounds that penetrate the salt cave, beach chairs nestle physiques as patrons savor the purified air.”

Ah, now they’re reeling me in. Dim light, sea sounds and pure air sounds like Cape Cod. But I’ve never met a beach chair yet that “nestled” my physique.

Crafted from thousands of pounds of pure Himalayan salt, the cave infuses the atmosphere with a medley of 84 constitution-enhancing minerals, body-balancing ions, and the scent of potato chips in bloom.”

Never mind the minerals that promise to enhance my maturing constitution. Forget the Ions that will balance my sagging body.

     They had me at the scented potato chips.

But before I hit the “Buy Now” button, I realized I already benefit from Salt Cave sessions every week.

Each Sunday morning I perch on a pew surrounded by people with whom I am in community.

People who enhance the flavor of my life as well as those of countless others.

People who intentionally engage the culture not only to preserve it but to build it.

Just as my body requires sodium chloride to live, I can’t live without the Body of Christ. When Jesus told his followers “You are the salt of the earth,” I do believe he meant it.

The taste and fragrance of faith….

…It’s a little like potato chips in bloom.