Sheepskin To this day she’s not sure who approached who way back then.

The lamb stood knee-high to the farmer, the farmer’s daughter not much taller. One toddled close to the other and there they stood, cheek to wool, neither fearful of the other.

One went the way of all creatures. The other grew tall, moved away, was schooled, married – had a daughter of her own she nicknamed Lamb.

And today she’s thinking about lambs and what they become.

Sheep and what they produce.

Wool and what it covers.

The first animal was killed to cover our first parents. She knew that already, long before she plunged into the Book of Beginnings in the new semester of her graduate studies. It’s an old story, old as creation as a matter of fact.

Disobedience led to a fall and the fall to rebellion. Sin bought shame and shame brought avoidance. But the Father had compassion and covered the naked, quivering bodies of his prize creations. Male and female. Image-bearers both.

The Holy Book doesn’t say what kind of animal lost its life for theirs.

It doesn’t have to, because the beginning is already pregnant with the end.

     “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

And the child who buried her face in lamb’s wool is now a grandmother with a new little lamb – one who already hears the ancient stories every Sabbath bound securely against her mama’s breast. Libby doesn’t understand them yet but someday she will…she surely will.

Maybe it was a lamb that lost its life to cover her ancestors. Maybe not.

But for sure it was a Lamb who lost his life to cover her.

The Lamb of God who suffered, died, and lives again.

And this farmer’s daughter is whispering Alelulia.

With appreciation to Dr. Mitchell Kim’s study on Genesis for the insight that inspired this post.