So you really don’t think you made a difference in anyone’s life today?

Darkness fell hours ago, and you’re only reading these words because sleep is eluding you again. You’ve given up chasing it because rest hides in corners you haven’t located yet.

Or maybe the workday has begun and your fingers are hovering over the mouse, reading, deleting, leaving that one for later.

But the question hovers, flickers, makes you wonder.

And the answer is simple, soft as an exhaled breath.


You were the church friend who dropped off homemade banana bread at the door this morning, healing properties baked right in.

You are the swim buddy who noticed a limping preacher and showed up unannounced to mow the lawn this afternoon.

You are the old friend a thousand miles away who reached out this evening: Are you still blogging? I’ve lost contact with you…

To a home where no one has had time to bake, bread was brought.

To a yard which no one has had the stamina to keep up, help was given.

To a writer who didn’t think anyone noticed the silence, assurance was offered.

You saw the need. You wrote the card and pulled the weeds and delivered the meal. You took the time to call across the miles: Are you okay? Are you still there?

Yes, oh yes. You did make a difference in someone’s life today.