After more than forty years of life together, Mike and I have often joked that he functions as the gas, and I’m the brakes.

And I’m not talking about road trips.

I admire so many things about my husband and best friend. A lark to my owl, Mike is almost always up long before dawn. When I round the bend into the family room I know what I’ll see: Bible on his lap, cat on his legs, glasses sliding down his nose as he talks with the Father.

75 laps of a hard workout in the pool, a quick breakfast and to the office by 8 am for days that often stretch 16 hours. Yet no matter how full his plate, he always makes time for his family.

But one of the qualities I appreciate most is Mike’s decisiveness. When a decision needs to be made, he’s not afraid to tackle it. His wife, on the other hand, is prone to wringing that same hand instead. Cautious by nature, I too often procrastinate, fearful of coming to a conclusion that might not be the Absolute, Number One, Totally Awesome, Very Best choice.

Bleh. Maybe this will change when I grow up?

And then I read this:


God gave you two eyes,

Two ears, and one nose,

Ten wiggly fingers

And ten useful toes.

     But of all of those parts,

     The big and the small,

     Your Chooser just might be

      The best part of all.

Jesus followers may walk by faith and not by sight, but we were never meant to shuffle blindly along, disengaged from our God-given power of free will. Pastor John Ortberg points out that the first assignment God gave our first parents was to exercise dominion over the created order (Genesis 1:26).

In his delightful new children’s book, The Magnificent Chooser, Ortberg calls this God-given capacity a “Chooser.”

                Your Chooser says, “YES!”

                And your Chooser says, “NO!”

               And your Chooser says,

              “There’s someplace I’d like to go!”

Our Creator has given us a phenomenal gift. Fresh off the potter’s wheel, the pot gets to call the shots: what it will do and who it will befriend and where it will go.

 Oh, I tell you, your Chooser’s

A fabulous thing,

It can make you the boss!

It can make you the king!

But can our Chooser get us into trouble? Course it can, and often does. But despite the bent of my Chooser to insist on its own way, I am grateful that my Creator loves me enough to let me go.

And forgives me enough to take me back.

God’s Chooser works better

Than yours or mine could.

His Chooser is perfect.

And loving and good.

A copy of Your Magnificent Chooser is presently on its way to Europe, where a little girl and boy live who are fortunate enough to have a mama and a daddy to help them learn to use their Choosers well.

Maybe you love a child who needs to know about how Choosers work too?

Now it’s time to quit reading

You choice-chooser, you,

And find something great

For your Chooser to do. *


[Would love to read this to your little one myself. Download The Magnificent Chooser from iBooks here and I’ll personally read to them as each word is automatically highlighted. Seriously!]

*Taken from Your Magnificent Chooser by John Ortberg. Copyright © 2017. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.