An Uncommon Union: The Life and Love of Jonathan and Sarah Edward
(55 minutes)

“I just finished [reading] the play and it brought tears to my eyes…I believe it will have a strong impact on people to realize that they too can have a relationship with Jehovah-Jireh as Sarah did.”  – John EdwardsConnecticut, direct descendent

photo_sarah_LRThis original drama was commissioned for the Jonathan Edwards Tercentenary Celebration held in New England in 2003. Performed in authentic period costuming and documented by historians, it is the culmination of over a year of research into the life of the wife of the famous colonial preacher. More than simply an historical reenactment, Sarah is instead a first-person account of a woman who maintained a vibrant faith in the midst of family tragedy, church dissension and the challenge of raising 11 children. Experience the era of the Great Awakening through the eyes of a woman who lived it.


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Especially appropriate for:    Ministry/Leadership conferences, Banquets, Missions emphasis, Ministry Wives, Seniors

Amma:  A Visit with Amy Carmichael of India (45 minutes)

photo_amma_LRMaggie’s interest in India began as a child in the 1960’s when she supported the work of the Bird’s Nest Orphanage in the Raipur district. This new one-woman drama depicts the life and words of the woman known as “Amma” (mother) to hundreds of Indian children. Born in northern Ireland in 1867, Amy served the people of India as a missionary for over 50 years without a furlough. Known as a prayer warrior and the founder of Dohnavur Fellowship, this spirited woman of God began a ministry to India’s forsaken children that continues to this day. Following an accident that left her bedridden for the final twenty years of her life, Amy’s ministry became worldwide through her devotional writing and poetry. Maggie has written this dramatic portrayal, with its themes of spiritual motherhood, coping with suffering and reaching the lost, in the hope that a new generation will be inspired by the passion of this singular servant of God.

Especially appropriate for: Women’s outreach events, Missions conferences, Moms’ groups

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