Maggie’s Favorite Study Resource

Note:  Maggie Rowe was recently invited by Tyndale House to be the spokesperson for a new product, The Parallel Study Bible.  Here’s an official comment from Todd Starowitz, the Senior Public Relations Manager, Tyndale House Publishers:
“We at Tyndale House Publishers are blessed to have someone of Maggie Rowe’s considerable talents introduce one our company’s newest Bibles. Maggie is a consummate professional with considerable gifts working in a variety of platforms. Most importantly, her work is a great testament to her unwavering faith in God.”

3 thoughts on “Maggie’s Favorite Study Resource”

  1. Mom Wallem said:

    Excellent spokesperson. You never cease to amaze me, Maggie.
    Gotta’ take care of myself so I can celebrate the day you get that
    Master of Biblical studies, too.

  2. Amen, Mom Wallem…a great spokesperson:)!!!

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