Maggie’s Favorite Study Resource

Note:  Maggie Rowe was invited by Tyndale House to be the spokesperson for The Parallel Study Bible when it released.  Here’s an official comment from Todd Starowitz,  Senior Public Relations Director, Tyndale House Publishers:


“We at Tyndale House Publishers are blessed to have someone of Maggie Rowe’s considerable talents introduce one our company’s newest Bibles. Maggie is a consummate professional with considerable gifts working in a variety of platforms. Most importantly, her work is a great testament to her unwavering faith in God.”


3 thoughts on “Maggie’s Favorite Study Resource”

  1. Mom Wallem said:

    Excellent spokesperson. You never cease to amaze me, Maggie.
    Gotta’ take care of myself so I can celebrate the day you get that
    Master of Biblical studies, too.

  2. Amen, Mom Wallem…a great spokesperson:)!!!

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