(Each series includes 2,3 or 4 related talks of 45-60 minutes each; request complete descriptions. Outlines and small-group questions also available.)

  • Reaping the Harvest: Finding the Love We Long For (Ruth 2:12)  Whatever our season or station in life, we all long to love and find love in return. Through a dramatic retelling of the book of Ruth, we’ll explore what it means to choose blessing over bitterness and fullness over emptiness as we celebrate the faithfulness of God in the lives of women.

• Celebrate the Journey! (Rm. 12:12) Life is a journey, and the
celebration comes in knowing that we don’t walk the road alone.

• Come to the Waters (Isaiah 55:1) Looking for an oasis in the middle of
a busy life that pulls at you from all directions?

  • Faithbook: What’s Your Profile? (Romans 5:1-2)  Discover the keys to your identity in Christ by accepting our invitation to Faithbook. This retreat will help you connect to the most important community of all, God’s family.

• Garden of the Heart (Gen. 2:8) From Eden to Gethsemane, we’ll use the
garden metaphor to study our Creator.

• God is Near (Ps. 139) Is God there? Does He care? How do we find Him?
[designed for women at all levels of faith]

• Let Your Light Shine (Mt. 5:16) Pressing on without burning out; living
as daughters of the day.

• No Shadow of Turning: Discovering God’s Gifts (James 1:17)
How God equips us for service through an in-depth look at the life of
Miriam – a woman who was gifted, influential, and far from perfect.

• Soulcare: A Woman’s Guide to Intimacy with God (Mt. 11:29; 16:26)
Teaching from the book of Philippians on drawing close to our Creator
through lessons in character, suffering, and the joy of rising above our

• The Woman God Blesses (1 Chron. 4:10) An exploration of God’s
promises contained in the famous prayer of Jabez: fulfilling our promise,
understanding our pain, and pursuing our passion.

• Treasure the Seasons (Eccl. 3:1) Coping with change and the choices
women must make in every season.

• Waiting on God: Windows of Hope (Romans 8:24) Does your view of
life need some reframing right now? A look through the window of
scripture into the lives of some famous ladies-in-waiting of the past –
Hagar, Michal, and Mary.

• Women at the Crossroads: Trusting God in Tough Times
(2 Kings) The lives of three diverse women in scripture whose faith
enabled them to thrive in difficult days.